Blue Eyes Bulldogs!

English Bulldog Puppies for sale in New York

Blue Eye Bulldogs:

Blue Eye Bulldogs and Blue Eye Bulldog puppies have gorgeous sea-green eyes and sometimes a light blue under-tone. The picture you see above is one of our merle’s with blue eyes. Since these English Bulldogs and Blue Eye Bulldog puppies are rare and exotic, they are usually hard to find, or they’d be priced at a premium compared to other normal colored eye bulldogs. The typical range for blue eyes bulldogs exotic bulldogs are from $4500 – $10,000 and above! Although the colors may look blue they are actually a darker mix of brown or black (depending on the bulldog). AKC does allow these exotic colored bulldogs to compete in shows. 

Bulldog Advice:

The main and important thing you should look for in a bulldog is if they are nice, and they have no health problems. Since with a lot of scams going on people usually sell you a sick or an unhealthy bulldog. You should look for breeders who have AKC registered bulldogs like BlueEyesBulldogs. If you have kids, English bulldogs will easy bond with them and make a great house pet for your family. They are a low maintenance dog, but if your kids are taking care of them, please supervise them.

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