Hello, we are BlueEyesBulldogs!

We breed awesome English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs for over the last 16 years in Texas.

About us BlueEyesBulldogs

About us

Hello! We are BlueEyesBulldogs, and we breed AKC English Bulldog puppies for sale and AKC French Bulldogs puppies for sale. BlueEyesBulldogs is a home-based breeder, so that means we are not a kennel we treat our pups as home petsWe strive to make healthy English and french bulldogs for sale that are great companions for you and your family.


Speaking more of English Bulldogs, we are one of the most trusted bulldog breeders in America. Our pups are born and raised in Texas. With a loving environment, affection, and training, our bulldogs boast some of the most gorgeous colors.


We hold some of the most exotic and luxury French bulldog puppies for sale and English Bulldog puppies for sale.

Some of our pups colors include Blue eyed bulldog puppies, Chocolate tri bulldog puppies, Merle French Bulldog puppies, 

Merle English Bulldog puppies and a lot more exotic colors are available.


You are able to trust us to help you find your next family member. All of our English Bulldogs are vet checked and have their AKC registration papers. 


Our litters are very limited due to the sheer exotic nature of French and English Bulldogs, so we usually don’t have any more bulldogs within a few weeks. You can click here for an update page on our litters.

English Bulldog puppies for sale

Our French Bulldogs Puppies For sale

"We pride our selves on making exceptional quality bulldogs"

Health Guarantee

Don’t ever buy a dog if the breeder doesn’t provide Health Guarantee. We provide you with a health guarantee when you meet us in person.

The blueeyes Bloodline

We have built up our bloodline from scratch when we just started breeding 10 years ago. We have got colors such as Merle, lilac, double chocolate, and features like Blue Eyes or exotic markings. If you need a stud you will be blown away by our bulldog sues, he will not disappoint! Click here for studs or check out our English Bulldog Puppies for sale

Full DNA Test

We get our bulldogs Color tested at UC Davis California. One of the top canine color testers! This will assure you that what you see in the photo will be what you see when you meet us.

Breeder Support

No matter the age of your bulldog you bought from us, you’ll always receive full support from us. We will guide you through every step from vet visits, to grooming, and feeding.

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French Bulldogs For sale

Breeds and colors we specialize in:

As you can tell from our website, we mostly specialize in English and French Bulldogs. Since we are a very small hobby breeder owning more than the breeds we already have will just overwhelm us and lower the quality of our dogs. Our main goals are to:

  1. 1. Make the breed have better health
  3. 2. Give a better quality of life to these amazing dogs
  5. 3. Give people the gift of owning a bulldog

Some of the colors we offer are Lavender, Merle, Lilac, etc for our French Bulldogs. For English Bulldogs, we have Merle, Lavender, Lilac, and more. Raising these dogs is a true blessing for us and we hope the same for you when you own our English bulldog puppies for sale

Our Exotic Bulldogs:

Top-quality English and French Bulldogs with AKC papers.

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We are happy to announce we are putting all of our pups on Don’t worry, we will also keep our website update with new pups too.