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Hello! We are BlueEyesBulldogs, and we breed AKC English Bulldog puppies for sale and AKC French Bulldogs puppies for sale. BlueEyesBulldogs is a home-based breeder, so that means we are not a kennel we treat our pups as home petsWe strive to make healthy English and french bulldogs for sale that are great companions for you and your family.


This is our page for our Frenchies! We have a page dedicated to our english bulldogs right here.



This page is for our lovely French Bulldog Puppies for sale.


We have many colors that we specialize in for our French Bulldogs for sale. Like our English bulldogs, we do not settle for low-quality standards. 

Our Frenchies colors can range from Chocolate merle, silver merle, lilac, and lavender. These are some exceptional quality dogs and we pass on the best properties of owning a Frenchie to you.


If you are looking for the best place to purchase a French Bulldog puppy or a French bulldog for sale Texas, you have found the place! All pups are fully vaccinated, come with AKC papers (We provide you papers as soon as you meet up with us), and come from a high-quality bloodline. If you are interested in our pups click the black button that says French bulldog for sale!

Our unique french bulldog puppies for sale

French bulldogs for sale


female french bulldog puppy

Here’s Bubbles! This adorable French Bulldog for sale is currently looking for a loving, caring home. Whether playing all day or relaxing on the couch, Bubbles promises to be your most loving companion. This Exotic French Bulldog for sale will arrive at her new home up to date on vaccinations. It’s Bubbles’ pleasure to greet you and shower you with as many puppy kisses as she can! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Check out more available puppies by clicking the button above.

Chocolate merle fawn


Jimmy is a very loving French Bulldog puppy. Having him around will leave you wondering how you ever survived without him. With all his adorable antics, he will surely make you smile. Jimmy hopes he can bring you all of his love and puppy kisses today. Your faithful, four-legged companion, this handsome boy promises to be by your side always. Aren’t you looking forward to making Jimmy yours today? Do not miss out on the opportunity to buy this Exotic French Bulldog puppy!

Choclate merle french bulldog


french bulldog female

Are you ready to learn what true puppy love is? Then meet the best French Bulldog Puppy for sale: Luna! She is a true Texas girl and the best french bulldog puppies fort worth texas. As soon as you meet this beautiful girl, you will immediately love her. Almost everyone wishes they had a companion like her. Luna will be checked by a veterinarian from head to tail and will be fully vaccinated when she arrives. Her biggest wish is to always love you unconditionally and always play with you. It would be a mistake to let her go, as she is truly a special girl. The memories that you will create will last a lifetime

Lavender French bulldog

Kliff (sold)

Meet Peaches. He is a perfect French Bulldog puppy for sale! There is nothing better than having a loyal companion like Peaches by your side for a lifetime. His favorite thing to do is to be held and pampered. Peaches will be completely vaccinated, checked by a vet, and prespoiled before getting to his new home. You will surely enjoy this cutie’s puppy kisses as you come home from a long day at work. While being rubbed on his belly, Peaches loves to snuggle and relax. Hurry! He can’t wait to start sharing his love with your family! And best of all you are buying him from a Reputable French Bulldog breeder!

French Bulldogs for sale

We weren’t lying when we said we had the best French Bulldogs for sale and French bulldog puppies texas. This is bubbles, a Female, Blue Merle, French Bulldog. Her merle patterns, physique, and blue eyes are considered one of a kind! You can find more of our French Bulldog Puppies for sale by clicking the button above. Soon we will also have French bulldog studs, so you can have high-quality French bulldogs for sale like us! We have high quality french bulldog texas.

Reputable French Bulldog breeders: Learn more about French Bulldogs for sale:

French Bulldog puppies are certainly adorable, but they can be a challenge for new owners. Research is a good idea for prospective Frenchie owners before bringing one home. And it is important to find a good breeder like us to own a french bulldog texas.


In their puppy years, French Bulldog puppies can be lovely little tyrants who require a great deal of attention. Due to this, reputable breeders will not release Frenchie puppies before the initial nine to ten weeks. In order to learn how to behave toward people and other dogs, they spend more time with their mother and the other pups in the litter.

For the first few weeks, you will need to supervise your new Frenchie puppy almost constantly. The French bulldog puppy is inquisitive by nature and will explore the environment eagerly. Taking everything into their mouths is what young Frenchies learn to do.


Prior to introducing their new puppy, new owners should ensure their home is thoroughly puppy-proofed in order to prevent their puppy from sticking their nose in trouble. 

AKC registered french bulldogs.

Our french bulldog puppies come with AKC registration papers and pedigree. Rest assure you are in good hands with us when purchasing your next pup from us. All of our french bulldog puppy and puppies come with vaccinations and a health certificate.

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Blue Fawn French Bulldog

Blue french bulldogs Texas

Looking for your first Blue french bulldog? Look no further for french bulldog texas! Welcome to blueeyesbulldogs where we have the best Blue french bulldogs with tri trindle coloring and the best french bulldog texas. Check out all our male french bulldogs here

Quality Merle French Bulldog bloodline

Our Frenchies come from a high-quality bloodline. Some of our colors such as Blue Fawn, Lilac, and tan, can be found on blueeyesbulldogs.

Lilac Tan Merle Female Frenchie


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