Bulldog Puppy Waiting list

Starting as of 2020 Blueeyesbulldogs has created a new puppy waiting list to cater for our customers who want to have first reservations on our bulldogs. We have two forms available; One is for paid reservations, and the other is a free waiting list. Read more about them below!

Paid Puppy waiting list

With the paid puppy waiting list you are #1 or below other people who are opting for the paid puppy waiting. We will charge you a $500 non-refundable deposit, and once the puppy you want is available we will contact you at the phone number and email you have given. You will have 2 business days to respond until the next person on the waiting list gets contacted.


If you do choose to pass on the litter we have provided you will be moved up accordingly on the list. You are able to pass on our litters 2 times before getting removed from our paid puppy list.

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Free Puppy Waiting list

Free waiting list coming soon!

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