celebrities and bulldogs

Gordon Ramsay owning a bulldog is the last thing you would expect, but this is Ramsay’s second dog after the passing of Bruno a cocker spaniel. One thing we know for sure is Rumpole is getting a lot of 5-star meals!

Chris brown and his bullies

2 - Chris Brown

Chris Brown is known for showing a tough image, but he actually owns two adorable English bulldogs. In a video, you can see him playing them in a field. No needing auto-tune for this bulldog!

English Bulldog puppy

3 - Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas owns a cute English bulldog puppy with the name of Winston. The singer had been caught walking Winston in the streets of Hollywood.  We know for sure Winston will have a fun time singing with Joe Jonas.

4 - Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt owns a cute English bulldog. He and his bulldog were spotted during the premiere of his movie called “Allied”. Jacques will love his dad’s movie!

5 - Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel can be seen here with here gorgeous bulldog. She was taking photos with her cute companion named “East”.

Honourable Mentions

David Beckham, and Coco

Miley Cyrus, and Ziggy

Miley Cyrus, and Daisy

Samantha Ronson, and Cadillac

Janice, and her bulldog

John Legend, and Puddy (RIP March, 2018)

Celebrities and bulldogs - Updated on 1/31/2021