Beware: English Bulldog scams!

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In the search of a dog? Beware of some of these scams.

1. Cheap English Bulldog puppies.

Here is an example of a few fake google ads about English Bulldogs for sale. Most of these websites desire for you to send a money order to them. Real English Bulldogs cost in the range of $2,000 to $10,000. At the end of this article, we will leave a couple of places we recommend you buy a bulldog from. If you are looking at another breed look at the prices from AKC puppy market place to get a understanding of pricing.

English Bulldog scam!

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is not a recommended place to look for an English Bulldog, be careful on counterfeit AKC papers, and sick English Bulldogs. When me and my Wife bought our first bulldog we had went to craigslist. We both were naïve and got scammed $1,500 on a sick English Bulldog puppy that died a few days later. 

3. Dog Marketplaces

One of these Dog marketplaces I will be talking about is pets4you. A little bit of background, pets4you is a dog market place in which you pay a premium to sell your dogs. Other websites include: Puppyfind, Lancaster puppies, etc. I was a seller on pets4you and don’t be fooled by the “11 years of advertising”. You pay the people that run the website more money and they will put a badge with a fake number of years advertising. Not only that, you are not protected by any warranty or return policy unless the seller has one. My friends have been scammed trying to buy a golden retriever from this website, but only buy if you did your research on the dog breed, and the seller is trusted

pets4you Screenshot


If you are wanting to buy an English bulldog beware of scams. We recommend buying from a trusted breeder like us! All of our English bulldogs are AKC registered and are vet checked. We have a health guarantee with all of our bulldogs. If you don’t have that option or you are looking for another breed, beware of the scams you have read in this article. I have left a list below on some of the websites I trust.


  • – Akc Market place is one of the best places to buy from if you are new to a breed. They give countless articles on the certain breed you are looking for, and the sellers there are ranked by their ratings and qualifications. Still, be cautious since AKC does not offer a health warranty or a return policy on any dog.
  • Luxury Bulldog is also a trusted business we bought from when we started with bulldogs. They gave us an insight into how to raise and take care of bulldogs.