Do English Bulldogs shed?

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Do English bulldogs shed?

before we answer that question, a brief walk of the dog breed, bulldog, is a worldwide symbol of tenacity. A breed with loose skin of the head, pushed-in nose, furrowed brows, and small ears. They’re short though but lovable and friendly, especially to kids. What makes them well suited to indoor living is bulldogs are low maintenance, courageous, adorable, and incredibly gentle but one thing that comes into many people’s mind is Do English Bulldogs Shed a lot?

Shedding is a very common problem in dogs which many new dog owners worry about as it is going to make your home dirty. For those, who don’t know, shedding is basically hair fall in dogs. This article talks about shedding English bulldogs in detail.

Do English Bulldogs Shed?

A fur of short and coarse coats tends to be white or fawn with brindle patterns. The assumption that bulldogs don’t shed is because of short fur. But the question that arises is do English bulldogs shed? Yes, English bulldogs shed their hair in a moderate amount comparatively less than other breeds.


And, when do English bulldogs shed? Since they don’t have long, thick hair like other breeds of dogs, they tend to shed more of their winter coat during spring and fall. You need to take a careful look at the time of their shed as their hair tends to be less noticeable on the ground or furniture.


Shedding generally occurs more in bulldog puppies rather than grown-up ones. So, if you are worrying over their shedding, do know that bulldogs are average shedders. And before getting one, know some more details about bulldogs and their sheds.

Why Do English Bulldogs Shed?

Shedding among bulldogs does not generally happen as they have short and coarse coat fur. It just depends on the age of bulldogs or when your bulldog is sick.


If your bulldog is a small puppy then shedding will happen eventually, but if he is grown up and sick then you need to see your veterinarian for that. He will be the best person to address this if a disease is causing shedding.


But try not to fear because shedding is perfectly natural as every dog does shed to some extent especially during seasonal changes. Do visit a veterinarian for a health check-up of your English bulldog if something happens.


The following causes are mostly responsible for bulldogs shedding:


⦁ Improper nutrition: Every dog’s breed requires healthy nutrition, and for English bulldogs, you need to serve them a proper diet to keep them healthy and in shape. If not fed well, then the shedding can be excessive.


⦁ Lice and other Parasites: Another possible reason why do English bulldogs shed? Is parasites. They are regarded as a major cause of unnatural shedding among dogs, not only bulldogs. Parasites treat the dog’s body as a host and cause more damage while growing themselves.


⦁ Excessive licking: A common activity among dogs of licking their skin, can often become excessive which can lead to skin irritation and shedding of the hair.


⦁ Medication: While some medicine works perfectly for different ailments but, it can cause side effects like hair loss or shedding. That is why professional advice is better when it comes to medication. 

How Much Do English Bulldogs Shed?

How bad do English bulldogs shed or how much they shed? This is one of the main question that arises when we’re getting a bulldog. Well, as mentioned above, English bulldogs are average shedders. They tend to shed less than any other breed.


Your English bulldog is a brawny little powerhouse that may be more prone to shedding than other’s bulldogs. This usually depends on genetic reasons. Shedding is more common in puppies than in adult dogs.


When Do English Bulldogs Shed?

So, when do English bulldogs shed? Generally speaking, Excess shedding generally occurs in British bulldogs than in English bulldogs. As it is mentioned, shedding happens in puppies than in adult ones.


It is at a small age when shedding starts to occur. Do old English bulldogs shed? The old bulldogs shed an average amount, as they have a short and shiny coat. It is important to brush your dog at least ones in a week to keep it under control.


Do Miniature English Bulldogs Shed?

The miniature English bulldog is a smaller size bulldog about 10 to 14 inches tall. It is also called a purebred pug. Their lifespan is around 10 to 12 years. There’s no doubt that these dogs are adorable but they come with a lot of health issues like do miniature English bulldogs shed? They shed moderately.


They require minimal grooming to keep their shedding low. Miniature shedding mostly depends on their health and breed type.


Tips to Stop Shedding

⦁ Brushing At Regular Intervals
Grooming is one of the finest ways to stop shedding. Some breeds require daily brushing but others might not. Brushing twice or thrice a week might also enough if not daily to keep their fur healthy.


⦁ Bath at Regular Intervals
Bathing your English bulldog once or twice a month is enough unless you not notice any dirt or mud from playing. Try oatmeal baths not your regular shampoo, this will be beneficial for his skin.


⦁ Visit a Vet
If you see excessive shedding, then you should visit your vet to find out the cause behind it. There can be reasons like parasites that can cause skin infections.


⦁ Right Food Choices
Right food does right by your side. Give them nutritious food and prevent them from eating anything uncommon. Food with high protein is helpful for the fur to be thick and shiny.  


Do French Bulldogs shed?

The same can be asked about the English Bulldog’s French counterpart. Frenchie shedding can be caused by numerous reasons. Some of the above-mentioned reasons can be but no include:

  1. aging
  2. A very thing coat
  3. diseases
  4. and much more


But generally speaking, a healthy Frenchie sheds year-round. This is because they don’t have patterns like the bulldog does with winter and summer. French Bulldogs that shed seasonally can mostly be due to the genes of that bulldog.


When looking for a High-quality French bulldog for sale be sure to keep an eye out for a breeder that doesn’t have any French Bulldogs with skin-related problems as this could cause more problems with shedding, and increase the money you spend at the annual vet check-up.


One way to stop French Bulldog shedding is to give a bath every 2 to 3 months to ensure a temporary stop on your Frenchies annual shed. Another helpful tip to stop French Bulldog shedding (This can also apply to many other breeds such as the English Bulldog) is to do grooming. Take your dog to a professional dog groomer.


A dog groomer can do greatness in the help of stopping your French Bulldog from shedding or your English Bulldog from shedding. If you do own grooming at home use dog intended use shampoo or contact your vet for a recommended shampoo for your French Bulldog. Remember to use neutral pH water so it won’t irritate your Frenchies skin and cause rashes, red spots, and more harmful side effects. 


Consult your Vet if you think this is more than just a shedding problem. This can also be for example an auto-immune (very unlikely) where the body just eats itself up.


Planning to get a bulldog is a good choice and digging more about their concerns is important when it comes to getting one. After reading this article, do not worry about how bad do English bulldogs shed? Because they are an “average shedder”.


Check with your vet if you are unsure about your dog’s shedding. This will make sure whether there is an issue or it is just any one of these facts. Following the above tips and methods will help your English bulldog in decreasing the shed.


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