Top 3 Best English bulldog colors in 2024!

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Top 3 English Bulldog Colors

About Certain dogs

To be a pet owner is a huge responsibility, You have to know all the details about the pet you are getting before making this decision. The foremost important step is knowing that you are ready to keep a dog or any pet in your house. Especially if you are getting a pet dog, you have to do extensive research before bringing a dog to your home. Understanding the cost of ownership is very important along with your lifestyle and what changes you have to make. Once you have thought about all these things then you can bring a new furry friend to your home.

The size of the dog you are getting is very important. Whether you want a big dog or a lap size dog, matters to adjust according to your lifestyle. Selecting the correct breed is also a crucial step, once you have prepared for big steps. Then you can enjoy little things like the color of the dog you will get, dog bed, dog toys, and the list goes on. We go over the Top 3 English Bulldog colors in this article.

Important things about English bulldog

English bulldogs are one of the cutest dogs you can have a pet, they are small, friendly, and loyal dogs. Bulldogs are from bull breed families, there are French bulldogs as well which have their distinctive characteristics but you will be knowing more about English bulldogs here, and the top 3 English bulldog colors.

English bulldogs are classified as non-sporting canines, they are bred to be gentle and playful dogs. They are known for their friendliness and loyalty. They love to play as much as they love to rest. They are known to be possessive of their food, but if you are training your dog about food, they will learn.

English bulldogs grow up to be 14-15 inches in height and around 40 pounds in weight, female English bulldogs are smaller in size as compared to male counterparts. Due to their breeding history, English bulldogs are muscular and very dense. Their coat is glossy and short which come in various colors, their skin is loosely hanging over their jowls. They have small noses, small eyes, and little floppy ears, and have some of the best colors of any dog.

Top 3 English bulldog colors

The English bulldogs have significant coat colors, the eight standard colors of English bulldogs are chocolate, seal, black, lilac, blue, fawn, white, and brindle. The coat colors can be used to mix match to make new combinations like tricolor and piebald. Tri-color means three colors in a dog, you can see the colors in patches or solid points. Tan, fawn, and red colors are most visible around paws and eyes. The most unique color in English bulldogs is Merle. Merle is a genetic mutation that affects its skin and skin coloration. Due to its special colors, everyone finds it unique and rare, the coat color is black, fawn, chocolate, or white mixed with darker tones. With regular and rare colors tricolor English bulldogs are produced.

The most popular color of an English bulldog is white and fawn but dog lovers like rare colors like lilac, chocolate merle, and blue merle. Merle English bulldog is a regular English bulldog with standard genetic makeup but it has a unique color combination that sets it apart and makes it unique. They have a distinctive glossy coat, Merle can be in many colors on bulldogs. Usually, it’s with the base color of white or cream with dark grey marking along with black or tan in some cases, it’s a blue merle.

Different types of Merle

There are different types of Merle that signify the coloring of an English bulldog’s skin. The mottled skin pattern on a smooth coat makes them look different. Here are the English Bulldog colors

#1 Blue merle English bulldog

Blue Merle English bulldogs are one of the most expensive dogs, it has blue eyes which sometimes have a slight green hue to it, they have tan points across their chest. Their nose skin is pink or black with light pink. The topcoat is darker than the color below it. Their eyeliner, pads look slate grey and when sunlight hits them it looks gray. It is one of the best English Bulldog colors

Blue Merle English Bulldog
King Kong

#2 Lilac merle English bulldog

Lilac Merle English bulldogs are also loved by all dog lovers.  They have beautiful lilac color which makes them stand out in all dogs, Their pads and eye area have some light purple shades, They have blue eyes which melt away everyone’s heart.

#3 Choclate Merle English bulldog

Chocolate Merle English bulldogs also have beautiful ice blue eyes, with dark brown speckles on their body which give them a chocolate color, the base color may vary to fawn, tan or cream color. Their eyeliner, nose, and pads give off silver color which makes them look gleaming. They have this unique color because of their genotype.

Tips on taking care of English bulldogs

All the English bulldogs make a great friend, with your children or any family member, they are super friendly and loyal. They need thirty to forty minutes of exercise every day to keep them healthy but they love to spend their time in a cozy chair as well. No matter on the English Bulldog colors training will be the same across the board.

You need to train them before letting them out around children because English bulldogs usually snip when someone is disturbing them. They are very protective of their food and around their food. Proper training is required for Merle English bulldogs as well. As cute they may look but they surely know how to defend their food.  They drool after eating so you have to take care of that once they are done with their food.

Merle English bulldogs

Merle English bulldogs are no different than other bulldogs, their eyes are usually blue sometimes they might look some shades of green and blue. Their skin makes them look unique from other English bulldogs. With their nose almost flattened to their face moreover having various mottles pattern on their skin they are no short of a walking wonder. They are the rarest English Bulldog colors.


The Merle English bulldogs are one of the most expensive bulldog breeds, After you decide your favorite color of Merle English bulldog, be prepared to have the most adorable dog in the neighborhood because of their striking features and unique colors, they are always most loved. Merle chocolate, Merle Blue, or Merle lilac is the most famous and favorite color in the Merle English bulldog breed. You have learned the top 3 English bulldog colors

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