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AKC English Bulldog
Akc Merle English Bulldog

What are AKC English Bulldogs?

English Bulldogs are everyone’s favorite dogs to keep because they are friendly and can live with you in apartments or houses. All they need is a little walk and a nap to enjoy their day. English bulldogs are a suitable pet option whether you are a first-time pet owner or second.

They are friendly and happy with every member of the house. It is necessary to understand that is; before making the possible once in a lifetime purchase of an English bulldog, the proper behavioral mechanisms and different aspects of the particular breed so that you as an owner may have a better and firmer control over the actions of your future pet and the establishment of a healthy dog-owner relationship.

Differences between Frenchies and Bullies

Being one of the most popular and well-loved dogs in the world as of today, the English bulldog is often confused with French bulldogs. The English bulldog and the French bulldog may leave no grounds for discernable distinction in the features when contemplated by first-time buyers but there are a few differences in the physiognomy and personality traits of the two species nonetheless. Due to their sizes, these dogs are the best fit for entrepreneurs or students who have to live in dorms or budget apartments.

English Bulldog Maintenance tips

The English bulldog provides such persons with an incredible advantage regarding maintenance and training et cetera. Due to their small sizes, they can fit in almost any friendly space. Also, they are ably apt to make their own spaces within the general space. The English bulldogs for sale are very careful and protective of their spaces. And subsequently grow protective of their owners who they consider their friends or helpers and the owner’s friends, family, or children.

The English bulldog is very friendly with children would inform the parents by a certain barking mechanism whenever their child is uncomfortable. This barking is highly distinctive because the English bulldog does not normally engage in this behavior and only does so when they feel their environment is threatened or detect any nonconformity in their general habitat.

What is AKC bulldog club for English Bulldogs?

AKC stands for American Kennel Club, which is the recorded archive for purebred dog pedigree in the United States of America. AKC hosts events for these dogs, as these events give out awards by AKC for being a dog sport. They have set a particular standard for every purebred dog. The AKC has standardized how a purebred dog will appear physically with all its distinctive features. They have complete and detailed information with photos on how a purebred dog is so that it becomes easy and apparent for everyone.

Where to get a AKC english bulldog for sale?

If you are looking to get an English bulldog and you are confused about how an AKC English bulldog will be, you can get complete information with American Kennel Club. Before getting the English bulldog of your dreams, you can check major AKC English Bulldog features and photos as it is a trustworthy source. You can find more about our AKC English Bulldogs for sale here

AKC English Bulldog head
AKC English Bulldog with a quality skull and face

AKC English Bulldog Skull and Face

The English bulldog has a skull with a large circumference, If you see from the side it appears high and short from the back. From the front, the head looks square and wide. The cheeks look round and more towards the eyes. The forehead is flat and it has wrinkly and loose skin but the loose skin is not prominent at all. The skin on the face is slightly wrinkled but it is not hanging on any part. The face should be completely aligned as per AKC standards.

AKC English Bulldog Health Standard

The nose and nostrils are broad and in black color. As per AKC national standards and services, the nose and nostrils have to be in black. It shouldn’t be of any other color like red or brown. The nostrils should be wide open and broad. A pinched or wrinkled nose is not approved by AKC.

AKC English Bulldog Ears

English bulldogs have relatively big skull sizes, which make it a very distinct big head feature, the placement of ear in purebred is one the most important thing. As defined by AKC English bulldog ears are in ‘rose’ level with the head, they are not unsettled or dislocated by any chance. Both ears are wide, high, and apart from each other.

The ears are far from the eyes and the upper end is curving outwards which shows inside of the ear. The ears are folding manner which is known as rose ears.

AKC English Bulldog Eyes

As per the American kennel club, the English bulldog eyes have low placement in the skull. The eyes are on the same level and away from the ears. The outer corner of the eyes is aligned with the outer line of cheeks. The eyes are round in shape and very dark in color, almost black. The English bulldog’s eyes are neither bulging nor sunken.

English bulldog blue eyes

are one of the most sought features, they are uniquely different than a standard English bulldog. As we all know that English bulldog has dark eyes but AKC (American Kennel Club) doesn’t specify it to be only one color hence the English bulldog’s blue eyes can be complete with other colors.

The Blue eyes are due to a recessive gene in an English bulldog which is rarely shown up. The recessive gene is either in male or female English bulldogs which brings the blue eyes. It is a genetic trait that can’t be altered by any breeder. Check our exotic Blue eye AKC registered English Bulldogs here

AKC English Bulldog Teeth

As per AKC standards, the English bulldog has broad jaws, which are defined and square. The upper jaw is protected slightly by the lower jaw. Due to the bigger upper lip, the teeth are not visible. The teeth are strong and long and not visible until the mouth is opened.

Bulldog puppies other features

akc bulldog puppy feet

The front feet are very straight and medium-sized, the forefeet are slightly outwards. The feet are almost round. The toes are thick and knuckles are prominent.  The tail stays low and it is straight and slightly turning downwards. Inverted or tight tails are not acceptable.

akc Bulldog colors and coat length

The coat of English bulldog coat is very fine and smooth. The coat is short but not hard or wirey. Purebred bulldog colors are one tone and smooth with their many shades like fawns, white and pied, It could be the combination of white with any of the foregoing colors.

Blue and tan Merle English Bulldog for sale
King Kong – Blue merle tan

English Bulldog Care & Grooming

The English bulldogs are very smart and friendly with everyone around, they are always happy and require love and attention. They require little training and after complete training, they are well behaved and well mannered. You need to reward them with treats to perform well in training like any other bulldog. The English bulldogs do not require a lot of walk and exercise.

English Bulldog energy levels

They have low energy levels so one walk a day is fine for them. They need daily walks and playtime but it doesn’t need to be for hours. The best thing is that English bulldogs do not require big playgrounds or giant yards. They can get tired easily due to their low energy level.

AKC bulldog grooming

The English bulldogs need very little grooming, a nice little brushing through the coat is enough for them. However, a good cleaning is required for their wrinkles to keep them tidy, especially after outdoor playtime. You can start grooming your bulldogs at a young age and train them accordingly so it doesn’t seem foreign experience for them. You have to keep your English bulldog nails trimmed and clean to avoid any infection.

Rare AKC Bulldog Features

The Purebred English bulldog price may vary and it can get very expensive, for a rare feature like blue eyes English bulldog, can further increase the price and it is known as the premium category. Once you are buying a purebred dog from any breeder, you must make sure it is as per the regulations of AKC with proper documentation and certification.

If you are looking for an English bulldog, you should keep such details and standards set by American Kennel Club to find the perfect dog. AKC is a trustworthy and authentic source for information on any sort of dog and its breed. Once you follow the procedure then you don’t have to worry about getting scammed in name of purebred dogs.

AKC English Bulldog with blue eyes

Why should you choose AKC english bulldogs?

The AKC health standards serve as a great benefit for all future pet owners who are ready to get a purebred dog. The photos and details about English bulldog and other dog breeds are very well explained and nicely put. You have to complete your research before buying any dog to avoid any disappointments. The AKC guidelines are a trustworthy and huge relief for new dog owners as well.

The AKC provides complete certification for your English bulldog along with many other exciting options, which appear to be a great deal.


If you are looking to get a dog, you should get it registered with AKC for a completely honest and trusted experience, along with it you can completely enjoy multiple benefits that come with registering your dog with American Kennel Club. Spending your money on breeders who have AKC integrated in their business is the way to go.

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