5 Best tips to Train your French Bulldog!

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Train your French bulldog

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Have those emotional eyes gotten your heart all aflutter? Maybe it was the somewhat evil, “more energized than a cartoon character” behavior that caught your attention.


No matter the character of the French bulldog that causes you to faint, you are not alone.
One of the foremost well-known breeds within the United States of America, the “Frenchie” has been winning the heart of not just the United States but the world over since the last century.


Before the decision to bring your beloved breed into your home and promising to take good care of it for the rest of its life- there are some training techniques that you need to know to avoid untoward eventualities.


Wondering How to Train your French bulldog? That’s what we will go over in this article!

5 Training Tips for your French bulldog to become obedient!

How to train your French Bulldog can be complicated. French bulldogs show a strong reluctance to train, making exercise stressful and frustrating for them and us at times. Although they are playful and gentle, their stubbornness is on another level compared to other dog breeds and can be difficult to train at times.


There are ways to get your Frenchie to learn to obey your orders. Here are some simple strategies for training your adorable bulldog.

Start Potty Training for Frenchie puppies early

Start as soon as you have your Frenchie at home. Breeders usually repatriate their Frenchie bulldog as early as week 8. Immediately after bringing your French bulldog home, start potty training your small dog.


Designate a special area for the pot and stick to it. Pick up your puppy every 2 hours, as Frenchie puppies cannot last their needs any longer than this when they are young.


You want the dog to start learning potty manners as early as possible to avoid future problems. Show your French bulldog the place you want him to defecate until he gets to know the place and connects it to toiletries.


If you allow your Frenchie to defecate elsewhere, it will complicate things for you later. Frenchies are extremely intelligent and will resort to their way of doing things if they are not trained otherwise.

Positive energy towards your French Bulldog Training

French bulldogs are very emotional and can get sad when scolded. They are bred to appeal therefore they are adversely affected by any negative feedback. To prevent your dog from becoming sulky, be sure to reward him with plenty of verbal and physical praise such as praise, pets, and treats.

Whenever the dog does the right thing without your help, give your Frenchie a good reward. When things don’t go as planned, don’t yell or scold your Frenchie. Stay positive to always build a trusting and positive relationship. This is really helpful when learning how to train your french bulldog not to bite.

Socialize your French bulldog with other dogs

How to Train your French bulldog? You want your puppy to be fully integrated into your family as quickly as possible. Start integrating the dog into your household the day he arrive. Let him be unresponsive to contact with family members and allow free interaction with your household. The French love noise and activity, so let them play and explore. This calms your Frenchie and helps you learn how to train your french bulldog not to bite.


Likewise, your dog must communicate with other dogs quickly. You want your Frenchie to be able to play and be around dogs without the aggressiveness or issues that could arise later in adulthood if they are not properly socialized.

Use the appropriate Frenchie training tools

Still, wondering how to train your french bulldog not to bite? Frenchies are brachycephalic dogs, which predisposes them to respiratory problems. This is the reason why we will never recommend training collar.

Walking a brachycephalic breed with a collar can disrupt airflow and even cause the dog’s eyes to pop out of its socket or possibly cause further injury to the trachea.

According to the Humane Society of the US, it is safest to use a harness to restrain your Frenchie. A harness allows the dog to breathe freely with little or no obstruction. Health Harness was designed for brachycephalic dogs. It’s a great training tool without the dangers of common pet accessories.

The health harness is designed with two D-rings and double zinc alloy buckles to provide a secure walk without choking or pulling. The front D ring makes it ideal for training dogs who like to shoot, as well as those with aggression and dominance issues.

If you want your dog to have a comfortable life, a quality Frenchie harness is a great investment.

Train your dog to walk with you early on to avoid future frustrations. Even if your dog is an adult, a specially designed health harness can make all the difference in the world.

The Frenchies are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet. Miniatures but with giant figures, these adorable pooches are playful, intelligent, but extremely stubborn.

We are confident that you will have a better relationship with your dog when you follow these tips.

Extra tip! to Train your French bulldog

What you should do if your dog is aggressive towards someone.

Aggressive behavior by a French bulldog towards its owner or another person is considered abnormal. It is therefore essential to find the reason for this aggressiveness.


Once the cause is detected, it is advisable to rule it out and start softening the dog.
Sometimes, the aggressiveness of a French bulldog is his response to an attitude of his owner that he does not like.


The latter, for example, withdrew his toy a little brutally. He then barks and becomes aggressive. In this case, the best thing to do is to give him his toy back and then stroke it so that he stops barking.


If your French bulldog persists in his aggression, you need to find other means of communication. A short stroll in a park turns out to be an excellent solution in this case.


Walking around in this way freely will make him forget what upset him and make him regain his joy of living.


Such a walk also allows him to reconnect with his fellows and other people. Which is important for his well-being and his training.

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