5 Reasons You Should Choose a French Bulldog in 2024

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5 Reasons you should choose a French Bulldog in 2022

Unlike their larger counterparts, the French bulldogs are not large. Only weighing up to 30 pounds they are small and light creatures who can fit in any place whether it be a home space or an apartment. Among the animal-loving people who prefer small animals, the French bulldogs are among the most loved and most famous. They originally served the purpose of companions and were bred for that matter. But today they make excellent house pets with several characteristics which make them the ideal choice. Like any other long-term and emotional purchase one has to consider all options beforehand. For example, the question:

Do French bulldogs make good pets? The answer to which is most definitely Yes. French bulldogs can be the perfect addition to your family. They are super friendly and loving towards everyone and always ready to have playtime. Here are the 5 Reasons You Should Choose a French Bulldog!

Brief description

As mentioned above, the French bulldogs are smaller in size. This makes them more active, sportive, and frisky. Due to their physiognomy and structure, they do not require a lot of outdoor exercises as they make almost any family environment enjoyable to them. We will go over why are french bulldogs so popular.

Why are French bulldogs so popular?

Why are french bulldogs so popular? Their popularity depends upon their breed. The fact that they do not require a lot of other fundamental needs that other animals require, for example, they conform easily to any family that adopts or buys them. They do not bark much or cause much noise as compared to a lot of other dogs. They are passionate and sentimental and do not ask for excessive attention. So you now know why are french bulldogs so popular.

Here are a few basic and most important reasons why you should consider buying a French bulldog, and why are french bulldogs so popular. Starting with the 5 Reasons You Should Choose a French Bulldog:

                   5 Reasons You Should Choose a French Bulldog

5 Reasons You Should Choose a French Bulldog

1. Maintenance

Unlike other pets, the French bulldogs are easier to manage and to take care of. They do not have fur and hence do not require trimming and grooming which are one of the main concerns for dog owners. Although, health concerns are not to be wholly ignored. Like all other pets, usual checkups and physical

maintenance like taking care of nails and brushing their teeth are important. Giving them baths and keeping them clean is also to be taken as a primary concern. Another major factor in maintenance is that you will not need to make special changes in your schedule to give extra attention to a French bulldog. Some people go on long walks or vacations on holidays to make time for their pets. Or some go on hikes to satiate the exercise desirability of their dogs. But in the case of French bulldogs, a little space is all they need. You can leave them by themselves or with a toy and they will figure out what to do with it to drain themselves out. Highly active people will be disappointed in French bulldogs.  Despite being highly active. They drain their energy rather quickly being of a smaller size.

2. Devotion and attachment

French bulldogs accommodate any home more quickly than other dogs. They also build trust a lot faster than some other breeds and prove to be very friendly with people. Moreover, they turn out to be perfect therapy pups. They are quite affectionate and tender. For example, if they notice someone in pain or seething with emotion they respond by tenderly caressing themselves with the person. They respond similarly to children which makes them very friendly with them. They grow protective if they spend a considerable amount of time in a place. They protect and respond affectionately when they hear a painful shrill or notice a crying child. They are not aggressive as compared to a few other breeds and tend to be very attentive while being playful. But it is also to be noticed that this affection and tenderness does not extend to just other human beings. French bulldogs are great towards other animals such as cats or bigger dogs, or birds like parrots and reptiles like chameleons.

3. Intelligence

From the viewpoint of companionship as one expects to find in a good house pet or an animal. The French bulldogs were bred for this reason. They are great indicators of any foreign or weird frustration in their space. The indication is marked by following the owners and barking until the reason for disturbance is quelled. Or if something is bothering your child and She/he starts crying, the French bulldogs will inform the owners of the interruption by barking or coming to them rather actively until they follow the dog and remove the problem. Although many owners notice a mark of reluctance in bulldogs while trying to get them to obey a command and they prove to be irresponsive when the owners are hoping for a sign. This behavior is not to be misunderstood as inferior intelligence in the animal. The French bulldog is rather moody and goes by its own rules, that is why they turn out to be great at being left alone.

It is completely probable that they do understand you but do not want to obey because they are lazy or because they want to engage in a different sort of activity. It is quite hard or even impossible to measure someone’s subjective interests by objective measures. The French bulldogs are at most times their masters. , first of all, similarly to human children, begin with comprehending their surroundings. After they have understood the usual position of several particular objects they begin by constructing a relationship with the space that they have made their home in. Of course, this also includes human beings, their owners. After they have understood their environment they start to get more protective of it. This is the reason why they prove to be so protective of the things they like, these things may include a toy, a child, a household object, or their owners.

The dogs that are bred for specific purposes have a marked instinctive intelligence. For example, as we have mentioned above, the French bulldog was bred for being an excellent companion. This fidelity with their nature allows them to be extremely friendly towards humans and also towards human children and a lot of other animals. Unlike their larger kin, the French bulldogs are somewhat violence-stifled versions of big bulldogs. In the case of instinctive intelligence or innate liability, the big bulldogs were bred for blood-fighting sports. But fortunately, with the progress of time, the sport was banned but the instinct remains in the larger dogs.

This is a point to be noted when looking for a French bulldog for sale that these breeds were deliberately made tolerant and compassionate for the primary purpose of companionship with human beings. In the second type of behavior, one thing that is distinctive from instinctive intelligence is the French bulldog’s brilliant ability of adaptive intelligence. In humans and other animals, one learns during infancy the subtle distinction between harmful and friendly. For example the dichotomy of the senses, the urge to approach a glittering or a shiny object, and the instinctive advancement of contrary urge which informs us of that particular object’s harmful nature (for example, fire or water). This similarly happens with animals, for example in the French bulldogs this instinct is most dominating. They can surprisingly different between our moods.

And their mood alters as ours. For example, when you are sad the French bulldog demonstrated with a tender touch, a heightened sense of care and sentimentality. They do this in a different manner that is, caressing your leg, arm, or lap and rubbing your nose or forehead with their nose. In other cases, after spending a considerable amount of time with you they begin to react very differently according to your emotional state. Some owners have noticed that when they are tired or are feeling unwell, their French bulldogs also act gloomy and lovingly around them but on normal days, they begin to act normally as before. Intelligence may also be measured by the fact that how quickly and how many words can your dog learn in due time. For example, French bulldogs can react to words like ‘cookie’ or ‘treat’ and so on, being able to distinguish between the words and being able to form a sense of distinction between different substances proves to be quite useful.

4. Innate temperament and behavior

The basis of a personality is fundamentality constituted inexperience and even history. Like we mentioned above, the larger bulldogs are were bred for violent blood sport that is why they prove to be violent even nowadays, it is just the same with many other dogs. The purpose for what they were bred is innate in their personality. Hence the smaller dogs which were bred for the sole purpose of helpers and sentient companions prove to be more temperate and calmer than larger dogs. Large bulldogs are known to hurt other animals and babies. Babies are indeed irritated and lot and hence cry a lot. Some dogs cannot cope with it as temperately as small dogs like French bulldogs.

The bigger dogs act rather aggressively to a crying child and start barking. But smaller French bulldogs try to soothe the child by their innate instinct and bark to inform the parents. Furthermore, this behavior makes them fit companions for even little kids. If you are busy and need to go outside it is much safer than your child is at home with a French bulldog than a larger traditional bulldog. The child’s underdeveloped conscience copes perfectly with the French bulldog’s ability to find interest in different objects, the same as the curiosity of the child. This temperament also makes them the ideal companions for elderly people.

5. Fidelity or Loyalty

The French bulldog is a quiet animal. They do not make unusual or unwanted noise. They only make noise to catch the attention of their caretakers or owners. For instance, a French bulldog bark only when it is perturbed or something is not right. Sometimes they bark as an indication of a stranger’s face. So the owners can know that something is wrong when the French bulldog starts barking. Ironically enough this quality serves as a good alarm for any expected package or food delivery. As the animal will start barking you will know someone is outside. As companions, they also start following you incessantly.

This can be good for your child as if they move from one room to another and fall somewhere in the process, the French bulldog following them will be able to alarm the household and the child may get the help she/he needs. As mentioned before, the French bulldog breed can comply with its environment amazingly. Just as with adults the French bulldog can cope with the world of a small child. For example, being able to recognize when the child is not happy and when she/he is happy. This is one of the reasons why French bulldogs are so popular is because they are awesome with kids. Their nature allows them to be in agreeableness with the child and makes them great companions for them.

You would not worry about the size of the dog and child in this case. The French bulldog though small they may be are the tiny counterparts of their larger siblings. Which means that they too are muscularly built and strong. So one need not worry about any potential harm a child may cause the animal or the animal the child.

Why choose a frenchie in 2022?

The main reason to have a french bulldog as your next family pet can vary. But for us, it was that because they were good with our kids, energetic, and playful. They are also very easy to train and require little to no help after being trained. For example, our French bulldog, Cash, only took 1 week to potty train him.


We are the best french bulldog breeder

If you are looking for a small dog that will not need a lot of attention or disrupt your schedule on daily basis, the French bulldog might just be the ideal choice. Depending upon their size they are swift and resilient because of their muscular makeup. They are kids friendly and environmentally friendly and can adapt to almost any home space instantly. They are quiet and do not make a noise like other small hyperactive dogs like Chihuahuas, they are usually silent and bark whenever something is wrong. If you are looking for a breeder then we are the best French bulldog breeder consider checking our website.

Frequently asked questions

Why are french bulldogs so popular?

French bulldogs are popular because of their low aggressiveness, how they are with children, and because of their small size and usually low activity. People also love the signature bat ears of the French Bulldog.

What temper does the french bulldog have?

The french bulldog usually has a lower temper than most big-sized breed dogs. As from our experience, our Frenchies do well with our children that are in elementary. Frenchies were also not bred for bull-baiting as the name suggests.

Are french bulldogs loyal?

French bulldogs are very loyal to their owners and do not like strangers as much. They will always stand by the side of their owner.

Are french bulldogs smart?

Yes! They are really smart. From the viewpoint of companionship as one expects to find in a good house pet or an animal. The French bulldogs were bred for this reason. They are great indicators of any foreign or weird frustration in their space. The indication is marked by following the owners and barking until the reason for disturbance is quelled.

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