How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?

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Want to buy a French bulldog but you don’t know how much it will cost? You wish to know about the veterinary costs for French bulldogs, their grooming cost, feeding cost, and all the other costs that need to happen when you learn how to take care of a French bulldog. Well, this article explains it all. 


You’re a lifelong Frenchy lover and thinking about getting one or you just started your journey with your new French bulldog and don’t know much about them, this article fits perfectly for you. 


Read on to know all about how much a French bulldog costs you, how much you can expect to spend on growing, factors affecting the cost of a French bulldog, and more.

Average Cost of French Bulldogs

On average, you can expect to expense between $1,500-$10,000+ at the time of buying a French bulldog. This can vary because of the color’s, coats, health, etc. The average price for all French bulldogs sold is $4,200 for basic colors. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of French bulldogs

If you’re going to purchase a French bulldog, you should know these factors so that you can plan accordingly. Following are some factors that influence the cost of a French bulldog:


The French bulldog is one of the popular breeds among various other dogs. Most people in the US and UK prefer to have one. They are so trendy because they are a handy size, easy to groom and people find their looks and personality adorable. The breed can be a good companion for your home. Some other things to note about How Much do French Bulldogs cost?

And trends impact majorly on the prices of any dog breed. French bulldogs tend to be more expensive in 2018 because of the craze of having one by celebrity owners like Madonna, Reese Witherspoon, and many others. If one celebrity buys a particular dog’s breed, it tends to get popular among their fans also. And hence they wish to get one for them.  

Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

Age and color

A dog’s age and color can affect its price because generally, people look for puppies between 8 and 18 weeks old, that’s why they are more expensive at that age. Their demand starts to become less after this period. Older puppies are considered cheaper than younger ones. 


And their fur color also affects the price. And especially French bulldogs’ fur color impact their cost because they are available only in three typical colors, that is, white, fawn, and brindle. Everyone’s preferences are different, and so does the price of the same. Some breeders also sometimes breed puppies of the colors including bluish grey, black, and lilac grey, outside of the breed standard and market them as rare. From where you’re getting the dog

Breeder’s quality

Every breeder will charge slightly different prices for a specific dog’s breed. And breeds like French bulldogs are rare and most attractive to people. They will certainly be expensive than other breeds. 


If you’re thinking of getting one from a pet shop or breeder, then it’ll cost you more expensive. Watch out for puppy mills when buying a French bulldog.


French bulldogs are well known among city folk. They would be more expensive in an area that caters to this demographic. The popularity of this kind of breed is not less, try finding them cheaper and in that locality where they are more available. 


Also as breeding rules are different from state to state, some states will charge more because the puppy price tags are inflated to compensate for more restrictive rules. So you have to buy them from the state that costs them cheaper. And do not spend the traveling cost much more than saving. 


Gender also affects the price of different dog breeds. Some breeders charge more for males ones and some for female ones. But in the case of French bulldogs, female ones are considered in more demand than male puppies. So they will be more expensive. But male French bulldogs are around 30% cheaper than female French bulldogs. 


Some people are not so fused about gender, for them choosing between gender is not so much a concern. They can go for the cheapest one and save their money whether it’s a male or female.   

Certification and Warranties

At the time of buying a dog or puppy, you have to go through various certification procedures. Certification indicates the breeder’s quality and the pedigree of the dog, which is important in the long run. BlueEyesBulldogs provides AKC papers and a Vet check.


If you buy the same dog without certification, that would cost 50% cheaper. In the case of French bulldogs, finding a reputable breeder like us is very important.


For this, you can look through our website at some of our French Bulldogs, or additionally you can search on AKC which we are also on. 

Difference Between Expensive And Cheap Bulldogs

If you have decided to buy a French bulldog, it’s good to know the difference between the expensive and cheaper ones. People generally think the cheaper ones are good to go, but cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Some pet shops will often offer a breed at cheaper rates because it may have hidden health problems or other issues. 

Inexperienced or low-quality breeders would charge cheaper prices and they wouldn’t even know that these dogs they tend to sell have a much higher rate of health issues as they’d be giving them poor treatment since birth. 

The reputable and experienced breeders would know the ethics of growing a dog, they’ve taken care of them well, and hence puppies from a reputed shop or breeder would be in much more good condition than the inexperienced ones.  Some other tips about How much do French Bulldogs cost?

Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

Let us find out the reason for such a higher cost of French bulldogs. They tend to be more expensive because of their:

Breeding difficulties

The French bulldogs are unable to naturally reproduce because of the size of their hips. The male one is unable to mount the female one. Therefore, artificial insemination is required. 


The issues don’t just end there though, the slender hips of female French bulldogs make natural birth nearly impossible. The broad shoulders and large heads of the puppies can get stuck resulting in the loss of the litter and injury or death of the mother. 

Tests and procedures

With breeding difficulties, the breeders intervene with a list of tests and costly procedures. Those tests are:


  1. artificial insemination: Female French bulldogs get artificially inseminated at the right time. This procedure costs a lot depending on the sire’s pedigree. After this, pregnancy tests along with prenatal care include the expense of checkups, special diet food, and supplements. 

  2. progesterone testing: This test is conducted to determine when exactly the female dog is ovulating. With this, blood tests are also taken to find out if the mother is healthy or not. 

  3. Cesarean section: Due to the slender hips in French bulldogs, a C-section is necessary. The mother is put under general anesthetic and the procedure takes time of about 90 minutes. This procedure can take around $500 to $2000. 

The Time Invested

After the successful delivery of the litter, the breeder can take home several French bulldog puppies. The first few weeks will take time to grow them healthy depending on the mother and how she takes care of her young babies. 

Breeders also have to invest a lot of time in taking constant care of them. Breeders have to take care of bottle feeding, stimulating the puppies to relieve themselves, and making sure the mother doesn’t accidentally smother the puppies. All the efforts and time invested by the breeder will add up to the price of the dogs. You should be gaining knowledge on How much do French Bulldogs cost? 

Associated costs

French bulldogs are also expensive because of the cost incurred in dealing with their health issues. You have to make sure that you know all about that puppy and its health issues at the time of buying one. Otherwise, problems like respiratory, hip, and back are fairly common among them and will cost a lot in quality vet bills. How much do French Bulldogs cost?

The costs of French Bulldogs

Other costs of owning a French Bulldog

Feeding Cost of French bulldogs

On average, a French bulldog would eat between one and a half cup to two cups of food a day. their food intake depends on their activity level and their size. The more they are active the more they’ll eat. For instance, you can consult the vet for your dog’s food intake and what kind of food is required to feed. 


If you go with high-quality food, it’ll cost around $2-$3 per pound. A bag of 30 pounds that means around 120 cups of dog food would cost around $55. So for 2 cups of daily food, you’ll have to buy a 30-pound bag of dog food every two months. Along with this, treats and supplements will add to the cost. 

French bulldogs Vet Expenses

For the first year of your new puppy, a licensed vet’s estimate costs would fall from $390 to $790. And for the adult years, it will cost between $325 to $720. These expenses can vary depending on the factors like location, clinic, and your dog’s health conditions. 


French bulldogs come with a variety of health issues such as cherry eyes, wrinkly skin, and more. They will cost you some money if you’re thinking to get one. We are nearing the end of How much do French Bulldogs cost?

Potential Health Issues Of Bulldogs

You’ve read till now that why French bulldogs are so expensive, they come with many health issues. To summarize these issues, the following are the common health problems of French bulldogs:

  • Brachycephalic syndrome: It is the combination of primary and secondary anatomic abnormalities. Which can cost around $250-$3000 depending on location and your dog’s health condition.

  • Allergies involving skin and ear infections: These allergies can be caused by dust, parasites, or food which can cause redness and itchiness on the ear or skin. This would cost around $80-$2000 per year. 

  • Collapsing Trachea: It is a progressive respiratory condition that occurs when the tracheal rings of cartilage collapse. The expected pay for diagnostic x-rays and medications to control symptoms would be $250-$450. If the condition becomes serious it would cost you more.
  • Intervertebral disc disease: Also known as IVDD is an age-related disease that occurs because the disc holds water becoming dehydrated. This would ultimately cost $250-$4000. 

Usually, if you are buying from a Trusted French Bulldog Breeder, you shouldn’t worry that much about health issues.

Dog Insurance Costs

With such an expensive breed, you must think about insurance costs. The average cost of insurance for accident and illness coverage plans is $565. If you look for only accident plans, the average yearly cost would be $190. It’s important to get insurance with complete health coverage. Find some insurance companies that’ll provide one with full coverage. The price of an insurance plan will vary depending on factors like dog age, location, and the plan you’ve chosen. If your French Bulldog is in good health you shouldn’t have to worry much About How much do French Bulldogs cost.

Grooming costs

French dogs do not shed too much like other breeds of dogs. So, this breed is fairly easy to maintain in terms of grooming. If you’d ask about their yearly cost of grooming, the average comes in between $0 to $240. The professional groomers will offer your dog a bath, brushing, shampooing, and styling, so the per-session price in a salon would cost around $30-$40. This adds to the total of How Much Do French Bulldogs cost?

Other costs of French Bulldogs

The other costs would include license, traveling, training, dog walking, cost of supplies, etc. However, some of these costs are important to incur, such as: 

Training: It would be around $50-$125 for 4-8 weeks of group sessions. 

License: The cost of a license would fall under the range of $10-$20 in the USA. It depends on the location, if your dog isn’t neutered or spayed, the cost would be higher. 


Traveling: Dog boarding services are available at the cost between $25-$85 per day, depending on the location and time of the year. How much do French Bulldogs cost?

Total costs

Calculating the total cost of a French bulldog for the initial year, including all the other costs from buying a puppy to its licensing, the total cost would be around $3,545-$8,025. 


Calculating the total cost of a French bulldog for the adult years, including costs from supplies to grooming, the total cost for one adult year of a French bulldog would be around $505-$1,710. And if you calculate it on monthly basis, then the estimated monthly cost would be around $42-$143.   


So, now you know how much it’ll cost to have a French bulldog from raising to adulting. Consider your pocket before buying one as it is important to take good care of a dog. Thanks for reading how much do French Bulldogs cost?

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